Macromedia has launched an initiative to help Flash developers make the Web more accessible and rewarding.

Called the Usability Initiative, Macromedia is bringing together leading designers and usability experts to define techniques to create more usable, engaging Flash content.

The company has launched a target="_blank">usability area on its Web site, centred on ten top tips for delivering more to users. The tips include remembering user and site goals, providing logical navigation and interactivity, and delivering consistent design. The area contains examples, articles and white papers for Flash developers.

Peter Goldie, Macromedia's vice president of product marketing said: "We have worked with the Flash community to help define these usability guidelines as a first step and are committed to continuing to enable developers to create compelling content."

A key area for improvement targeted by Macromedia is the authoring of sites friendly to those with visual disabilities.

Eric Wittman, senior Flash product manager at Macromedia, said: "This is an important goal, especially when you consider that ten per cent of the male population is colour blind."