Macromedia has returned record third-quarter revenues, the company has announced.

Revenues for the quarter - which ended December 31, 2000 - reached $103.3 million, a 61 per cent increase over the $64.3 million reported in the same quarter a year ago. Net income rose 97 per cent year-on-year to $16.2 million. Earnings per share almost doubled, reaching $0.29 per share – up from $0.15 in the same quarter last year.

Revenues for the nine months including the quarter increased 72 per cent overall, reaching $300.5 million, in contrast to $174.9 million during the same nine-month period a year ago.

Product driven Rob Burgess, Macromedia chairman and CEO, said: "We believe Macromedia is in its strongest competitive position ever. During the quarter, the company shipped new versions of Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver UltraDev and Fireworks."

On the company's forthcoming merger with Allaire, developers of Web-site building tool ColdFusion, he said: "Our upcoming merger with Allaire creates awesome new opportunities for us, and we look forward to the future with a great deal of optimism."

It's a time of growth for the company., a Macromedia subsidiary, announced the completion of its stock-for-stock acquisition of AtomFilms this month. The company is becoming more independent of Macromedia – its revenues will no longer appear as part of its parent company's financial statements.

Macromedia expects its revenues to rise by approximately 60 per cent after the Allaire merger is completed.