As reported yesterday, Macromedia is suing Adobe, claiming ownership of patented technologies Adobe employs in Photoshop and GoLive.

Court documents acquired by Macworld show that Macromedia's complaints revolve around two patents, owned by the company. The first (US Patent number 5,845,299) relates to a draw-based editor for Web pages. The second (US Patent 5,911,145) relates to a hierarchical structure editor for Web sites.

The plaintiff claims Adobe is infringing on both patents by: "Making, using, marketing, selling, reselling, offering for sale, and/or inducing others to use, software for creating and editing Web pages including, without limitation, Adobe GoLive and Adobe Photoshop."

The company claims Adobe's been aware of both patents since summer 1999.

Damages sought GoLive is Adobe's Web-site-building application. It employs a hierarchical, top-down approach to Web site building, and this is the crux of Macromedia's action against the company regarding the second patent. The first patent allegation concerns both Photoshop and GoLive - through a draw-based editor, the papers claim.

Macromedia claims it "has suffered and will continue to suffer irreparable injury and damages in an amount not yet determined for which Macromedia is entitled to relief."

The company is requesting damages, interest on damages, and an injunction enjoining Adobe to cease selling GoLive and Photoshop.

As the matter remains before the courts, neither Adobe nor Macromedia will comment on the case.