Macromedia has announced a deal with strategic Internet services company iXL that will see iXL support Macromedia's eBusiness infrastructure.

The move - in the wake of its merger with Andromedia - highlights Macromedia’s concerted ecommerce solutions bid.

As part of the agreement, iXL will serve as a member of Macromedia's technical advisory board. IXL will help to guide the integration of Macromedia's eBusiness Infrastructure - which offers an integrated solution for enterprises building Web sites - together with iXL's customer-relationship management solutions.

Together, they will provide a next generation software standard for enterprises building Web sites and eBusiness applications.

"Macromedia's vision is not only about managing the complexity of building Web sites from content creation, through measurement and analysis, but about how to instrument the content up-front - for personalisation and measurement," said Brian Allum, chief operating officer for Macromedia.