Macromedia has announced the Dreamweaver 3 Fireworks 3 Studio, a software bundle for Web site design and production.

The £299 bundle combines new versions of Dreamweaver – Macromedia’s Web authoring environment – and Fireworks, its Web graphics solution. Separately, Dreamweaver 3 costs £229, and Fireworks 3 costs £139.

The new version of Dreamweaver includes Roundtrip Server Markup, with support for ASP, JSP, CFML and PHP formats, and a new Quick Tag Editor that brings code-level editing into the visual environment.

It also imports and formats content from Microsoft Word and Excel, and a new Design Notes feature lets team members share information and status about a specific Web page. Both Dreamweaver and Fireworks can be customized using industry standards such as JavaScript, HTML and XML.

Fireworks 3 has new features for designing graphics for the Web - including live preview and optimization of rollover effects - and a new Library that stores original artwork within the authoring environment.

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