Macromedia continues to benefit from slight improvements in the Internet economy, with profits doubling year-on-year.

The company yesterday filed its first quarter 2005 profits - and these were double those of the year-ago quarter.

Company chairman and CEO Rob Burgess said: "This was a good solid quarter, made so by our continuing leadership in Web design and our terrific growth in mobile and business solutions.

"The Internet is changing yet again as non-PC devices such as phones, TVs, and other interesting machines play an increasingly important role in the networked world. Macromedia is well positioned and totally excited to help enable these experiences to be the best they can possibly be. We are looking forward to lighting up the new digital world."

Net revenues for the quarter were $103.6 million, a 25 per cent increase compared to the $83.1 million reported in the same period last year. Macromedia's net income for the quarter was $13.9 million, compared to $6.7 million in the year-ago quarter. Pro forma net income was $14.7 million.

The company anticipates net revenues for its second quarter in the range of $103-$108 million.