Macromedia has announced both its final quarter and year 2001 financial results.

Company revenue was $89.1 million, compared to revenue of $86.4 million for the year-ago quarter. This left a net income of $8.4 million for the fourth quarter.

Revenue for the fiscal year, which ended on March 31, increased 47 per cent – reaching $376.4 million. This compares to $255.9 million in its last financial year. Net income also increased, reaching $66.9 million, contrasting with $42.9 million in year 2000.

Rob Burgess, Macromedia chairman and CEO said: "Though the second part of our year was weaker than the first, overall it was still a pretty good year. The integration with Allaire has gone well and we are all focused and excited about executing on our vision."

Macromedia has reduced its operating costs to reflect the weakening economy.