Macromedia next week will ship a major upgrade to its ColdFusion MX Internet application platform, improving mobile applications, reporting, document generation, and forms development.

ColdFusion MX 7, previously code-named Blackstone, is an application server that works with Dreamweaver and text-based editing tools.

"This is really the most significant release of ColdFusion since its inception ten years ago," said Dave Gruber, senior product manager of ColdFusion at Macromedia.

Additions to Version 7 include formatted reports, a new event gateway that allows applications to be accessed via mobile phones, the ability to transform Web content into PDF or FlashPaper documents, and the ability to create rich Flash forms. Version 7 will also allow multiple instances of ColdFusion to run on a single computer and offers new business reporting capabilities.

Version 7 enables creation of Flash forms in just a few lines of code, said Nathan Petersen, a Web architect at America First Credit Union and a ColdFusion user. "It's just a very significant step forward in rich Internet applications," he said.

"Macromedia once again makes hard development problems easy to solve with the groundbreaking capabilities available in ColdFusion MX 7," said David Mendels, general manager, Macromedia. "ColdFusion MX 7 provides organizations with the solution to rapidly create Internet applications that deliver clear return on investment and bring a more compelling experience to the end user."