Speedera Networks and Macromedia have launched a live video version of the Macromedia Flash Video Streaming Service.

Speedera's role in this is to ensure content is distributed to end users in a way which avoids bottlenecks that exist on the Web, for the best possible user experience. Some industry-watchers compare the initiative to the way Akamai distributes content online for its customers, using edge servers at strategic points across the network to ensure good experiences. Speedera's solution is being demonstrated at the International Broadcasting Conference this week in Amsterdam.

Speedera has also formed partnerships with leading design firms around the world to offer a special free trial of the service along with a discount on creative development services.

Using ubiquity

The new live version of the Flash Video Streaming Service lets enterprises and other organizations stream live corporate communications events, deliver distance learning, stage live entertainment events, communicate with clients, and deliver other live streaming broadcasts to global audiences without setting up and maintaining their own streaming server hardware and network infrastructure.

It's built on Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX and can be used to reach either external audiences over the Internet or internal audiences through an IP-based intranet. Macromedia believes 96 per cent of Internet users already have Flash installed in their machines - a larger market share than any multimedia application.

“Macromedia Flash enables companies to deliver expressive, streaming content that redefines how users can interact with video,” said Chris Hock, director of product management, Macromedia.

Features and free trial available

Standard features in the live version of Flash Video Streaming Service include: automatic tracking and report generation at the click of a button; video streaming that starts the instant viewers click “play”; a global network of high- performance servers that ensures video servers and network links won’t get overwhelmed by high traffic levels; upload of Flash Video (FLV) files or live streams to a ready-to-go streaming network without having to set up and maintain video servers; and a live video encoder. Similar capabilities are also available in the on-demand version of Flash Video Streaming Service that Speedera also offers.

A free trial of Flash Video Streaming Service is available, for up to 300GB of data transfer or 30 days. Contact Speedera for details.