Macromedia has issued an update to its Contribute Web Publishing System.

The update delivers several improvements, including the ability to create "sub-sites" and enhancements to the LDAP connectivity (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol – an Internet protocol that email programs use to look up contact information from a server).

It also fixes several issues in Contribute 3. Macromedia highlights a number of enhancements and fixes in Contribute 3.1 including: it now allows you to create overlapping, or "nested," site connections; it allows publishing of non-html pages to a Web site through an item in the File Menu, removing several extra steps in publishing a non-html page to your Web site; and it allows a non-html page on your Web site to be replaced with a file from your computer.

This update is not available for localized versions of Contribute, it only works with the English language versions. The Macintosh updater is 17.7MB.