Macromedia has released UltraDev 4 Fireworks 4 Studio, its Web application development solution.

The Studio contains Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 and Fireworks 4. It combines the tools to build server-side applications with the graphics creation abilities.

Both the studio and standalone versions of these products are available for download and purchase from Macromedia's online store.

Application Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 is an advanced Web application construction solution. It combines WYSIWYG features with the ability to access and control the source code of applications built in the environment. Fireworks 4 is a graphics production and optimization solution.

Macromedia's president of products, Kevin Lynch, said: "Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 allows application builders to design visually, while having complete control over their code.

"Developers can easily streamline production of dynamic content and share their extensions with others across the Macromedia community."

Development time Dan Stechow, president of Braincraft, a Web-application developer, said: "Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 saves us hours of development time. With pro features such as JavaBean support, a JavaScript Debugger, WebDAV support, and the Server Behaviour Builder, we can accelerate development across our entire team."

Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 ships with a library of pre-built server scripts for Microsoft Active Servers (ASP), Sun JavaServers (JSP) and ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML). Additional extensions are available at the Macromedia Exchange.

UltraDev 4 Fireworks 4 Studio costs £499. The standalone version of Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 costs £399, and the standalone version of Fireworks 4 costs £229. Dreamweaver 3 users can upgrade to the UltraDev 4 Fireworks 4 Studio for £249. It costs £179 to upgrade standalone versions of Dreamweaver UltraDev.