Macromedia announced a trio of e-business solutions at Internet World yesterday.

At the show, which runs April 3-7 in Las Vegas, the company showed two products that have Dreamweaver at the core.

The announcements were part of Macromedia's "Web Content Lifecycle Strategy", a strategy announced in October last year to bring integrated Web solutions to the business market.

A future product, UltraDev, built on the Dreamweaver core architecture, uses the Dreamweaver visual interface to author dynamic, data-driven Web applications. The Web-application development environment will develop and view live data, and edit ASP, JSP, or Cold Fusion Web applications.

The company announced Dreamweaver Objects for ARIA - drag-&-drop objects that allow content developers in Dreamweaver to add measurement and analysis functionality. This content can then be tracked later by Macromedia ARIA.

Finally, Macromedia unveiled LikeMinds eMail, which allows e-mail campaigns to be personalized by individually tailoring messages to recipients.