Yet more evidence has emerged that suggest Apple will add super fast 802.11ac wireless networking to its Macs and other accessories this year.

The company has posted a job listing for a System Test Engineer with technical knowledge of 802.11ac networks, notes Apple Bitch.

The job appeared three days after we reported a rumour that Apple will be incorporating the new standard in this year's Macs.

Industry sources claim that Apple is working with Broadcom to incorporate that company's 802.11ac chips in its next generation of Macs. The new 802.11ac networking standard is sometimes referred to as 'Gig Wifi' or 5G WiFi. It is the successor to 802.11n, however, the standard is still in Draft, not having received final approval by the IEEE, yet.

The new technology will bring superfast WiFi connectivity to Macs, speeding up throughput as well as improving coverage (it can increase the distance from which you can connect to an access point), and also supercharging Apple's AirDrop features and WiFi syncing.

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