Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has released research which claims that Macs are not as expensive as many PC users think they are.

He compared iMacs and MacBook Pros with several PCs from Dell and HP, and found that the price difference is just 13 per cent (desktop) and 10 per cent (notebook), Apple Insider reports.

"We believe both consumers and investors tend to believe that purchasing a Mac will cost 20 per cent to 30 per cent more than a PC," he told clients.

Munster also compared the price of both Macs running Boot Camp and a copy of Window XP. iMacs doing this worked out about 22 per cent more pricey than a comparable PC running only Windows, he said. In notebooks the price gap is just 16 per cent.

The analyst observed that for many PC users, the cost of running XP on a Mac could be significantly smaller. Users who have or will soon be buying a PC can acquire Windows re-install disks from vendors for a small fee, he advised.

"We believe this will make the move to a Boot Camp-enabled Mac more feasible for many potential buyers."

The company has a $99 price target on Apple stock.