Apple is winning converts among small businesses and corporates, reports TechWeb.

A $100 million company called Pentagon Technologies Group, which services precision equipment in semiconductor plants and has facilities in four US states, relies on Macs to keep its business going. Small and mid-sized businesses like Pentagon will spend $420 billion this year on technology, according to analyst firm Gartner.

Mac and Linux, so happy together

The company is also testing Linux systems to see if they can be used as a backup to its OS X-based infrastructure. Because both systems are variants of Unix the company's programmers have had little difficulty understanding either – moving to Microsoft would require skills the company isn't familiar with, the report says. Both systems are also cheaper.

The company uses a solution called GridTalk (running on OS X) for its invoicing and purchase order systems, with data stored in a FileMaker database.

The article concludes: "The bottom line is, for a company the size of Pentagon, Apple, and now Linux, works. And its unlikely the company will change anytime soon."