Apple wins yet more praise from Infoworld’s Tom Yager, who praises the robustness of his Mac.

“Try as I might, I can’t wreck my Mac”, he writes. Yager chose to dump PCs running Linux and Windows last year, a move he describes as, “one of my smartest calls”.

He pours praise on two fairly recent Apple products: the G5 iMac and Xserve RAID. "The latter product offers excellent features at a great price, and is capable of “keeping those file transfer channels stuffed”, he writes adding: “Its cooling system deserves a rave,” he states.

Yager has a test in mind to prove the superiority of the Xserve RAID: “I’ll set the shielded JBL Creature woofer on top of the Xserve RAID and play the tyrannosaurus rex chase from Jurassic Park. I’m determined to push the envelope with everything that lands in my lab.”

Yager, who is technical director of the InfoWorld test centre, concludes: “One day I’ll tell you what similarly ridiculous things I’ve done to try to wreck my Macs, but they just won’t wreck. As long as that remains true, I’ll stay switched.”