Apple has published a case study looking at the positive impact of its technologies on life in India.

The study concerns India's first reality TV show, Let's Join Hands (Haath Se Haath Milaa), which was edited using Apple technology, and was funded by the BBC.

Set on two buses, four young men and four young women travel the country to face challenges designed to help both them and viewers learn about social problems facing their country. Recent segments have challenged the myths surrounding AIDS, for example.

Apple examines how the programme used two Power Mac G4s, Final Cut Pro 3, a 17-inch Studio Display, and digital-video workflow practices - dispensing with any analogue technology, bar transferring the result to Betamax for transmission.

The show's executive producer Saul Nasse said: "Technically and creatively, the programme is matching anything I've achieved in the UK on vastly more expensive cameras and editing systems."