iPods and iMacs dominate Macworld UK readers wish-lists this Christmas, as Christian countries shop to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

It's a special time of year when hordes of shell-shocked and hungover shoppers invade retail stores in a state of blind panic, armed with endless lists and limited budgets.

Christmas was first celebrated in Rome in around 350AD. Trivia fans take note: the Eastern Orthodox church celebrates the occasion on January 7.

'Tis the season to be jolly

Macworld Online asked readers what gadgets sat at the top of their wish-list. One reader complained at the seasonal focus of the poll, asking: "Where's the button for Atheists to vote? We don't do Christmas." Responding to this comment, another observed: "The poll is for atheists - you didn't see any radio buttons with 'peace on earth' or 'return of the miraculous joiner' next to them, did you?"

Religious debate aside, when it comes to gadget shopping, 265 voters (23 per cent) want an iPod, while 288 people (25 per cent) hope for new Macs. A total of 1,155 voters cast their straws for the poll.

Digital/video cameras, Xbox 360's and larger monitors account for around 8 per cent of the vote each, attracting 94, 90 and 83 votes each. The Sony PSP and iPod accessories attracted 62 and 52 votes each (5 per cent).

Other results: Printer/scanner, 29 votes, 3 per cent; DAB radio, 33 votes, 3 per cent and "Other" took 159 votes, or 14 per cent of those cast.
Total votes 1,155


Some readers aren't expecting much this year: "I got a new Mac last month - albeit a modest Mini. So I'm just getting a pair of slippers, apparently. They mightn't even be new."

Others warned against investing in new Macs, as Apple may announce new models in January at Macworld Expo San Francisco: "Buying a new Mac just at the moment might leave you with that 'can't afford to feed that growing puppy' feeling come January 10."

Some Mac users just don't need a new computer, but their roving eye is fixed on Apple's music players instead: "I have enough Macs for now, I want video on the go, and the iPod has a very nice display," one observed.