Resellers across the US are expecting to sell more iPods and Macs this Christmas than they did last year, according to analysts at Piper Jaffray.

This is despite expectations that Apple will unveil Intel-powered entry-level Macs at Macword San Francisco in January.

Analyst Gene Munster said: "We have got a lot of questions regarding the potential for Apple customers to slow down Mac buying ahead of next year's Intel transition. We asked the 20 Apple resellers if they are seeing evidence of this trend. 60 per cent of value added resellers (VARs) in our sample said they have seen a few customers indicating that they intend to wait until next year to see what Apple releases, but in all cases this was a small group of customers."

"As we expected, the majority of Apple specialists we spoke with are expecting December 2005 to be up from December 2004. Specifically, 60 per cent of resellers expect [this year] be stronger than [last] and half of the 60 per cent indicated that [this year] will be "significantly better" than [last]," Munster added.

According to a report on Apple Insider, resellers of Macs and iPods expect Christmas sales to be up more than 30 per cent compared to last year.

Morgan Stanley analyst Rebecca Runkle noted recently that more people are looking to buy iPods this Christmas than mobile phones. "More people plan to buy an iPod this holiday season than a cell phone," she said, adding "more people plan to buy iTunes gift cards this season than non-iPod-branded MP3 players."