Apple is ramping up its education strategy as it continues to infiltrate schools and universities worldwide.

Minnesota's Stillwater board of education has approved a plan to give every junior high student in the district a laptop to use at home and school, despite requests from parents to delay the decision.

The five-year, $2.85 million proposal will see about 2,270 students and 135 staff members at Oak-Land and Stillwater junior high schools receive iBooks by next autumn.

Parents are worried the students aren't mature enough to handle such expensive machines.

eMacs raising Arizona Meanwhile, eMacs have been installed in every classroom of 24 elementary schools in Tempe, Arizona.

The 1,400 eMacs will cost the district $2.15 million over the next three years, and will operate on the Cox Education Network enabling students to access their projects at any computer with an Internet connection in or out of school.

District director of information systems Jack Sarrett said: "We have always tried to stay abreast of information technology and using technology in the classrooms."

Tokyo University will introduce 1150 iMacs for student use from March 2004. According to Apple Asia, this is the first time a Japanese education order has exceeded 1,000 units.

A university spokesperson said:"We are introducing the iMac based on its ease of use in comparison with Microsoft Windows and because we expect to encounter fewer problems with the Mac."