Apple has received much criticism for not catering for the needs of gamers on its machines, and the recent release of Doom 3 will leave many Mac users out in the cold, their machines unable to keep up with the action.

However, a recent Macworld poll shows that the majority are not bothered – with 57 per cent of the 1,279 voters admitting: "I don't play games on my Mac."

Of those who do use their Mac as a games machine, just 15 per cent say: "It's great" and 28 per cent say: "It lacks oomph".

One reader complains: "The graphics performance on Macs is woeful when compared to equivalent PC's. They seem one or two years behind."

Another notes: "Apple uses seriously underpowered video cards in its Macs. But if you pay the extra for a decent card, the video game market on Mac is great and easily as good as my PS2."

In response to the criticism, one reader points out: "It depends of what kind of graphics performance you're talking about, the kind that earns money or the kind that passes time."

Another notes: "I've always thought that using a PC or Mac as a games machine was too much like hard work. You're always going to need to upgrade something."


For the majority writing in the forum, if its games they want to play they will opt for a console. One explains: "They're designed and built for the job and damn good at it they are too. Personally, I've always felt that games on my computer are just resource hogs but that's just me."

Another adds: "The games are built specifically for the consoles and run the best on them – I don't really want to be upgrading graphics cards every six months just to run the latest and greatest."

For others, the Mac fulfills so many other purposes that gaming just isn't required. One reader writes: "My Mac is there for music, Web and graphics, that's what I bought it for."

Some readers do use their Mac for gaming – and find it is adequate. However the requirements of the games in question are minimum. One reader admits: "I actually do play sometimes but Burning Monkey Solitaire doesn't require much oomph."

Another reader observes: "I wonder what percentage of Windows PCs are used for gaming. I bet it's even lower than the percentage of Macs."