Macs are tools of choice for a new series of multimedia essays from a 60-year-old photography collective, Magnum Photos.

A report on Apple's website describes the work the cooperative is engaged in, saying: "The photographers of Magnum Photos have chronicled just about every major world event since the Spanish Civil War. And now Magnum in Motion remixes their photography with video, text, music, narration and animation to create gripping pictorial essays."

The online essays have been featured by the world's major media outlets, and are available to view on the cooperative's website, according to the report. The essays are created and edited on Macs using Apple technologies, such as Final Cut Pro HD and Logic.

"Now, using Apple technology and editing tools with the web, we can express the entire meaning behind the photographer's content. We can ask 'What was the intention of the author? What was the perception of reality that the author could eventually report? Why was the photographer in a location for a longer time than any other photographer? Why was it important?'" the report explains.