The Mac is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for film makers – among both home users and professionals – according to The Times.

"If you haven’t splashed-out on a home computer yet forget Windows and buy an Apple Macintosh," recommends The Times' Nigel Whitfield.

"A couple of quick mouse clicks, and you have a home video ready to email to family and friends around the world," he says of iMovie.

Whitfield advocates spending a "little more money" on a Mac with a SuperDrive. "You’ll not only be able to edit your pictures, but burn them to DVDs as well, complete with menus, just like a professionally produced disc. This is a great way to share special events with family and friends who cannot be there in person," he says.

He also notes the "more-professional" Final Cut Express for those with more demanding tastes, or, for the "serious movie-maker", Final Cut Pro.