Half a million pounds worth of Mac laptops were seized from Inmac Limited, a division of MicroWarehouse, in a bizarre "aggravated burglary" on Tuesday April 3. According to police, the getaway vehicle left a trail of soil and green chilli peppers...

Four masked intruders entered the security lodge of the warehouse based in Runcorn, Cheshire, and overpowered the night security officer at 5:15am.

Firearm frenzy After producing a firearm, the intruders rounded up staff members, tied them up and locked them into the gents’ toilets. The robbers were then free to steal large quantities of both Apple and Toshiba laptops.

Cheshire police are unsure of the exact value of the stolen merchandise, but have estimated a figure of £500,000.

The get-away vehicle was a 7.5-ton van described as plain white, without lettering or a logo and having a red tailgate.

Red hot goods Bizarrely, the van left a trail of “soil and green chilli peppers” behind at the crime scene, which police believe may be vital to revealing the culprits' identity.

Three Inmac staff members sustained serious injuries after being beaten by the intruders. They were later hospitalized.

The cops are keen to hear from anyone who may have been aware of suspicious activities taking place around the premises of Inmac Ltd in the early hours of the morning, or who may recognize the van's description.

Crimestoppers Hotline, 0800 555 111. MicroWarehouse is also the parent company of MacWarehouse.