Channel 5 ran a Mac versus PC laptop report last night – and the Mac emerged as clear winner for design and usability.

A transcript available on the show website discusses the challenge two reporters – one a PC fan, the other a Mac user – went through to test their laptops.

The journalists travelled to the North Italian town of Ivrea to report on a world-famous carnival which takes place there, and culminates in a giant orange fight.

The two men interviewed participants, took photographs and filmed events during the celebration, before putting together a written report, image collection and high-definition video report on their separate machines.

The amusing report doesn't judge which platform was the best, but reading between the lines it's pretty clear which of the two machines – a black MacBook and a Sony Vaio running WIndows Vista – came through best.

Both reporters finished their written reports at around the same time, the report reveals, but the Mac managed to finish editing the image collection a few minutes faster – and was a great deal faster when it came to creating and editing the film.

"Editing with iMovie, the Mac editing package was fantastic," the report explains, praising its ease of use, capacity to import media, and the fact that, "it works, everything most people would want it to do, it does."

"It's this Mac ethos of everything working, and working together that meant Jason cut my two minute film really, really quickly and it took me, well It took me a lot longer," the report concludes.