Apple seems set to grab marketshare this Christmas, new research shows.

ChangeWave Research claims that, based on a survey of 3,046 people, 37 per cent say they are now more likely to buy a Mac, now they are powered by Intel processors. In June 2005, interest stood at 19 per cent.

"Apple has gained significantly in laptop purchases for the past 90 days - up 3 points to a new all-time high of 12 per cent," the analysis reveals. However, desktop sales have declined slightly, they claim.

The research reveals that 86 per cent of owners of new Intel Macs are 'Very' or 'Somewhat' satisfied with their new computers.

"Since the initial rollout of the Intel Macs, Apple's share has climbed steadily - from 4 per cent in January 2006 to 12 per cent currently. We do note that Apple's share of desktop purchases over the past 90 days (7 per cent) declined 4 points," the research adds.

Three-quarters of Apple computer owners say they use both Macs and traditional PCs, but nearly two-thirds of them prefer a Mac over a traditional PC. (49 per cent prefer Apple compared to 29 per cent who prefer traditional PCs, the research also informs.)

ChangeWave Research believes its figures suggest a major Mac migration: "The huge, ever-growing pool of consumers who report they're more likely to buy a new Intel Mac looks like a monster ChangeQuake in the consumer PC market," they claim.

Apple's online and retail stores are becoming regular stop-off points for consumers looking for home entertainment and networking solutions, according to the report 6 per cent of consumers shop for these categories at an Apple store.

There's good news for the iPod and iTunes, too. iPod ownership is up slightly since June 2006, with 8 per cent of the survey group saying they plan to buy an iPod in the next 90 days.

24 per cent of those surveyed use iTunes, with one-in-ten users downloading more music than six months ago, though a roughly equal figure are now downloading less.