Despite the hype, the Mac remains a secure computing platform, according to most security experts.

Apple continues to issue software updates patching newly-identified bugs in its system on a regular basis, with some experts claiming the company has fixed 100 such flaws this year.

Experts note that the company's choice of Unix to underpin its OS, its automated software update system and "lack of attention from malware authors" means Mac users are "far safer from attack than users of Windows," reports

Patrik Runald, senior security specialist at antivirus company F-Secure, told "There are no viruses really for OS X - there have been a few - but, from that point of view, the likelihood of you getting hit on an Apple is insignificant compared to PCs."

The report observes that as Mac marketshare grows and Apple products such as the iPhone become more ubiquitous, there is a chance that the platform may attract more malware makers.

At present any security threat to the platform appear small, though all experts agree that users should be vigilant, despite the lack of immediate recognised threat.