Apple shipped 1.24 million Macs in its just-gone quarter, which ended September 24.

The figure represents a 48 per cent increase in Mac sales, despite news that the company will migrate to Intel processors next year.

602,000 desktop Macs and 634,000 portable Macs were sold in the quarter. Annoyingly, the company no longer offers a sales breakdown by model.

Beatles lawyers gain advantage

With success in its music products also confirmed, lawyers for former The Beatles Apple Music may be interested to note Apple chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer's statement to analysts, in which he said Apple has two businesses: "Mac and Music".

Apple Music is prosecuting Apple Computer in the UK courts alleging the computer company has broken a historical deal between the two firms over use of the 'Apple' trademark.

Despite this, Apple's Mac shipments represent the second-highest quarterly total of Macs shipped by the company ever in its history, confirming that an 'iPod halo' does exist.

Hardware wears a halo

Oppenheimer observed that Mac shipments climbed 48 per cent in the period, compared to IDC estimates for average PC shipment growth of 13 per cent.

Apple's move to release the Mac mini may also have driven hardware sales - the company sold 220,000 of these in its quarter. Apple also claimed that 45 per cent of those buying Macs from its retail stores are new to the platform.

Europe is Apple's second-largest market, with 259,000 Macs selling here. In the Americas, Apple sold 636,000 Macs, with 71,000 CPUs shipped in Japan. The company also sold 202,000 units through its retail stores.

Apple's PowerPC promise
Oppenheimer said: "We have seen no obvious impact of the Intel announcement in the September quarter. We are continuing to monitor it."

Apple's number two man, executive vice president of worldwide sales and operations Tim Cook promised more future delights: "We have some very cool PowerPC-based Macs in the pipeline," he said.