Apple technologies helped capture one of the world's toughest endurance races, the Land Rover G4 Challenge.

For Apple, the event will always be known as the G5 challenge, because UK-based production/post-production firm BHP Sport took two Mac-based editing suites across half the planet to capture the one-month race, a new Apple feature story reveals.

The race challenged drivers to take their 4x4 Land Rovers across continents, driving through some of the toughest overland routes on the planet. Drivers took their vehicles across Asia and then South America (obviously they didn't drive between the two continents).

BHP Sport filmed the event for Channel 4. They used two 2.5GHz G5 Power Macs running Final Cup Pro 5.1 along to edit their footage, along with two MacBook Pro systems for editing on the move. The company has been using Final Cut since 2003.

The equipment needed to withstand tropical and sub-zero temperatures.

"The best thing about the Apple gear is that nothing failed," BHP Sport editor Digby Wright told Apple. "It's amazing considering how it was bounced about and the conditions we worked in, but everything went smoothly".

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