As Macworld revealed earlier this week, Apple has begun broadcasting its iTunes TV advertisement in the UK.

It first appeared on ITV 2 Tuesday night during a break in the repeat showing of the phenomenally successful "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" game show, hosted by Chris Tarrant (pictured). ITV launched an online version of the game on Monday, accessible through ITV's Web site.

The ad features a selection of internationally acclaimed musicians, including Iggy Pop, Ziggy Marley, Barry White and Chuck Berry. Built to increase the awareness of iTunes, the ad is also designed to increase awareness of Apple's "Rip. Mix. Burn." message. The ad is available to view on Apple's Web site.

Mac back attack In the wake of the launch of Mac OS X, and in the context of an increasingly competitive personal computer marketplace,
Apple UK is investing heavily in its marketing. Billboard posters and TV advertising form just part of its marketing mix. The company has also embarked on a revitalized relationship with PC World.

Apple is installing "Apple Ecosystems" in PC World stores. These are areas of the store designed to reflect the user experience that Apple wants its customers to enjoy. These areas offer a wide selection of software. Apple is also investing in staff training and reward schemes in order to encourage PC World staff to offer Macs as an alternative to prospective customers.