Macs are tools of choice for video editing in a new travel series currently being made by the Travel Channel.

The reality-based show "Five Takes Europe" relies on individually-created content, and reflects a shift within the media toward small, mobile, information-gathering units.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals: "Five young filmmakers will travel for two months armed only with a Sony Z1 high-definition camera, a notebook computer with Apple's Final Cut Pro and a budget of $50 a day. "

The five movie makers will maintain an online blog complete with video content that will be made available on, supplementing the weekly TV show.

Technology tools tweak talent

The pioneering new show will be produced by Michael Rosenblum. A former CBS News producer, Rosenblum built video journalism units for the BBC and Oxygen.

He explained the potential impact of technology on broadcasting: "A $5,000 edit room is now a $400 piece of software. TV production is as easy as word processing."

Travel Channel executive vice president and general manager Pat Younge said: "This is a real interactive television event and a huge leap forward from traditional programming. It's a pioneering style of production we feel will work in a variety of travel-themed programs."

It's interesting to note that Dr Timothy Leary, writing about the Internet in his book, "Design for dying" predicted that the future of broadcasting would be based on the evolution of "small, mobile, news-gathering units".