Publisher MacSoft has delayed the release of Myth III: The Wolf Age for the Mac platform.

Mac OS 9 compatibility issues are holding up the game's release – which was scheduled to launch in November – according to the company.

Lead programmer Andrew Meggs said: "The Mac version is not yet final due to some compatibility issues under Mac OS 9. Honestly, the OpenGL performance under Mac OS X 10.1 is so good that I'd recommend everyone to upgrade if they have the RAM – and to get the RAM if they don't. But we've got to make sure the game works for the hold-outs."

Engine refit On its release, the game will feature a completely redesigned engine that exploits modern 3D-graphics acceleration and other features.

Myth III: The Wolf Age is the third instalment in the Myth series, and a prequel to the original game.

The game's third chapter opens in 1421 AE - 1,000 years before the first game - to a world in turmoil. Connacht the Wolf has to save humanity from the clutches of the Myrkridia and Trow. The game has a "living terrain" and a range of player modes.

Myth III: The Wolf Age has been crafted by programmers Meggs, Bill Heineman and Chris Jacobson. Heineman's most recent achievement was MacPlay's Aliens vs. Predator, while Jacobson did the Mac conversion of Baldur's Gate II: The Shadows of Amn. Meggs was responsible for converting Heavy Metal FAKK2 to the Mac.