Buoyant Mac-games publisher MacSoft has revealed that it aims to port a raft of new family oriented games to the platform during 2001 – and that Apple's Expo announcements will be good for gamers.

The company, owned by Infogrames revealed at Macworld Expo in San Francisco that its marketshare of Mac games had increased to 37 per cent.

In an interview with Macworld at the show, MacSoft product manager Al Schilling said: "Most iMac owners are at the consumer end and many are first-time computer users. It is important that we can offer them more family games, such as Monopoly, Scrabble and Wheel of Fortune."

Schilling added: "Many Mac gamers don't want to marry the games they play, but rather want to date them a few times. Over two-thirds of Mac gamers want titles suitable for family use."

MacSoft's ability to output popular titles was boosted significantly in December, with Infogrames' target="_blank">acquisition of Hasbro Interactive. The move means Infogrames now has exclusive rights to develop and publish digital interactive-games based on current and future Hasbro properties.

This means MacSoft now has the ability to output games based on Nascar Racers, Action Man and Pokemon, among many others.

Schilling continued: "Many Mac owners were not gamers when they first bought their machines. It's a process that happens over time and it will be the same with the latest generation of new Mac-owners.

"With Apple, what people love is ease of use. Games are far easier to install on Macs than on PCs and the machines come with input and Net sprockets, making the use of joysticks and networked games much easier.

"The sale of Mac games is obviously dependent on the sale of Macs, and Apple's Expo product-announcements should be good news for us.

"What we would really love to see is Apple re-establishing its channel relationship with national outlets, such as BestBuy in the US.

"The trouble is, buying a Mac isn't the same as buying most products, because people tend to make purchases based on feelings rather than an analysis of specifications, as PC buyers do.

"This is probably why Apple is making a move to open its own dedicated stores."

MacSoft also announced at Expo the release of first person super-hero title, Centipede; Monopoly Casino, a gambling twist on the world-famous property board-game; and Rogue Spear, a follow-up to Rainbow 6, the anti-terrorism unit shoot-em-up.

The games will be available in the UK through Softline (01372 726 333), but pricing details are not yet available.