MacFest organizers asked Macworld to pick its ‘Best of Show’ products from those exhibited at the current roadshows.

As at the worldwide Macworld Expos, Macworld editors chose what they considered to be the most exciting new or soon-to-be-released products.

The first ‘Best of Fest’ Editors’ Choice award went to Hermstedt for its WebShuttle DSL.

ADSL is certain to be the must-have computer upgrade for the foreseeable future, and Hermstedt’s neat solution is squarely aimed at the modern Mac market. From its Apple-like stylish case design to ease of installation, the WebShuttle DSL is a great solution for today’s broadband generation.

Another happening technology is wireless, and the second Editors’ Choice award went to Keyspan’s RF Remote – a remote-control mouse that’s built for Mac-based presentations, and which should be available this summer.

Keyspan is also looking at Bluetooth alternatives to its wireless solutions as Apple adopts the technology.

Visitors to the Manchester MacFest show chose their own favourite product on show at the travelling exhibition – RealViz’s Stitcher.

This solution lets users build panoramas for the Web, 3D and film from existing sequences of digitized images – effectively Stitcher enables panoramic images to be captured one piece at a time. The high-resolution results can be exported in a number of formats, including QuickTime.