2001 is another year of transformation for Apple and all Macintosh users. After the return of co-founder Steve Jobs as CEO in 1997, the launch of the iMacs in 1998, the G4 in 1999 and iMovie in 2000, we face the biggest leap of faith of all this year with the release of Apple's next-generation operating system, Mac OS X.

While we await the promised "avalanche" of OS X-optimized products this summer, Macworld editors and readers have been considering the year's best products. The prizes were awarded at a glittering black-tie gala opposite London's Millennium Dome on May 3 hosted by massive Mac fan, humorist, and TV and movie star Stephen Fry.

For those who couldn't attend, here are the winners and runners' up for the Macworld Awards 2001.

First up are the winners of the Readers' Choice awards, voted for by thousands of Macworld readers.

Readers' Choice: Best Hardware PowerBook G4 - Apple Computer

What's sexy and one-inch thick? The titanium PowerBook G4. Apple CEO Steve Jobs calls it the ultimate blend of sex and power. Macworld readers agree, and the sales figures speak for themselves, as this sleek design dream looks set to be Apple's most popular laptop ever.

Runners up: Power Mac G4 Cube - Apple Computer

Power Mac G4 - Apple Computer

iMac - Apple Computer

PhotoSmart 1218 - Hewlett-Packard

iBook - Apple Computer

Readers' Choice: Best Software Photoshop 6.0.1 - Adobe Systems

Photoshop seems to have been the readers' choice for best software forever... And why not? Version 6.0 is a classic Photoshop, the universally acclaimed image-editing market leader. The new text tools are worth the upgrade price themselves, and the increased Web support makes this perennial favourite even closer to our hearts (and Wacom tablets).

Runners up: Office 2001 - Microsoft
Dreamweaver 4 - Macromedia
Mac OS X - Apple Computer
iMovie 2 - Apple Computer
Final Cut Pro - Apple Computer

Readers' Choice: Best Dealer Macwarehouse

The ads have finally changed the pretty lady with the telephone headset, but Macwarehouse still offers an almost unrivalled selection of top Mac goods via phone or Web. Macworld readers clearly appreciate the swift service and choice of products, as Macwarehouse is their favourite for the third year in a row.

Runners up: Computer Warehouse
Dabs Direct

And now the winners and runners up for the Editors' Choice awards:

Editors' Choice: Productivity Hardware PowerBook G4 - Apple Computer

Lighter, faster and more fully featured than even Sony's Vaio subnotebook, Apple's positively skinny PowerBook G4 is an instant 1-inch thick design classic and productivity booster. Its titanium shell is both strong and light, as well as great looking. The 15.2-inch ultra-wide screen and G4 processor make this a real pro laptop.

Runners up: Wheel Mouse Optical - Microsoft
Cinema Display - Apple Computer
Visor Edge - Handspring
Graphire Mouse and pen - Wacom
Phaser 1235 N - Xerox

Editors' Choice: Productivity Software Office 2001 - Microsoft

Seen by many as Apple's arch-enemy, Microsoft is actually one of the Mac's greatest fans. Microsoft's Office suite of business applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) include many features that are to be seen on the Mac before the Windows versions. The super-charged Entourage email client and personal-information manager is a real bonus.

Runners up: CopyAgent - Connectix
Norton SystemWorks 1.0 - Symantec
PreFlight Online - Extensis
Virtual PC 4 - Connectix
Details 3.0.1 - AEC Software

Editors' Choice: Creative Hardware Power Mac G4 MP - Apple Computer

There might only be one left in Apple's pro-desktop lineup for now, but the return of multiprocessing speaks volumes for the company's workstation ambitions. Optimized programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, benefit greatly today, and everything will receive a giant speed boost as soon as more applications are Carbonized for Mac OS X.

Runners up: GeForce3 - Nvidia
Linoscan F2400XL - Heidelberg
Electron 22 Blue II - LaCie
Stylus Photo 1290 - Epson
EOS D30 - Canon

Editors' Choice: Creative Software Photoshop 6.0.1 - Adobe Systems

Adobe claims that this latest update to the creative industry's premier image-editor is the most significant since version 3. Web-graphics are further enhanced, and finally Photoshop has a decent set of text tools. The fact that it's optimized for Mac multiprocessing makes it the runaway winner for this award.

Runners up: CuBase 5.0 - Steinberg
Colorperfexion - Colorperfexion
Acrobat 5 - Adobe Systems
Sibelius 1.4 - Sibelius
FreeHand 10 - Macromedia

Editors' Choice: Connectivity Angelo Card - Hermstedt

Contrary to popular opinion, ISDN is not being taken over by ADSL. ISDN has been given a new lease of life with a card that offers up to 2Mbps throughput. The Hermstedt Angelo card has 30 ISDN channels for use all together or individually for the fastest guaranteed bandwidth around.

Runners up: AirShuttle - Hermstedt
FTP Client Pro 3.0 - Vicomsoft
FireWire Hub - Swann
Procurve Switch - Hewlett-Packard
DoubleTalk - Connectix

Editors' Choice: Storage Toast 5.0 Titanium - Roxio

Some people said Adaptec's Toast 4 couldn't be improved. They were wrong. Toast 5 sports a new simplified Aqua-like interface and even more features. Now you can burn CDs in the background without stopping your work. Toast 5 also supports DVD, MP3 and Video-CD formats.

Runners up: FireLight - Mac & More
16x10x40 CD-RW - LaCie
One Pro 45GB - One Technologies
Tempo RAID66 - Sonnet Technologies
Snap Server 2000 - Quantum

Editors' Choice: Multimedia Hardware RTMac - Matrox

Matrox's RTMac card provides professional real-time editing features for just £699. Matrox's Flex 3D architecture exploits the graphics performance of the company's accelerator technology to provide broadcast-quality effects and 32-bit, uncompressed, animated graphics in a dual-stream, native-DV editing environment.

Runners up: SoundSticks - Harman Kardon
Power Mac G4 - Apple Computer
GeForce3 - Nvidia
Radeon - ATI
CinéWave - Pinnacle

Editors' Choice: Multimedia Software Premiere 6.0 - Adobe Systems

Premiere 6.0 is an extensive upgrade that offers fundamental productivity and workflow benefits to users. It should also soon benefit from real-time video-editing cards, such as Matrox's RTMac - making it a compelling alternative to Apple's Final Cut Pro.

Runners up: Final Cut Pro 2 - Apple Computer
After Effects 5.0 - Adobe Systems
DVD Studio - Apple Computer
Cinema 4D XL 6.0 - Maxon Computer
Director 8.0 - Macromedia

Editors' Choice: Education Hardware SuperDrive and iDVD - Apple Computer

Apple is hot on education again, as witnessed by its recent PowerSchool purchase and iSchool.com domain. Its Pioneer-designed SuperDrive is a CD-RW/DVD-R combo that, with the excellent freely bundled iDVD software, lets pupils and teachers easily produce multimedia projects that will play on standard consumer-level DVD players.

Runners up: iMac - Apple Computer
iBook - Apple Computer
USB Microscope - iRez
DVL107 digital camcorder - JVC
DeskJet 930 CM - Hewlett-Packard

Editors' Choice: Education Software iMovie 2 - Apple Computer

Making sophisticated film-projects with Apple's iMovie 2 is so easy that even teacher can use it. Combined with our Education Hardware winner (Apple's SuperDrive and iDVD) or with Apple's iTools Web sites, iMovie 2 takes once-complex projects and puts them in the capable hands of kids. Creative learning indeed.

Runners up: Mathematica 4.1 - Wolfram Research
Mac OS X Server - Apple Computer
Explore Parliament - The Armchair Travel Co.
Starry Night Backyard - Sienna Software
Musée d'Orsay, Virtual Visit - Montparnasse Multimedia

Editors' Choice: Web publishing Dreamweaver 4/Fireworks 4 Studio - Macromedia

Macromedia's Dreamweaver is already the world's leading Web-design layout tool. But to describe it as merely a layout tool is to ignore its multitude of other interactive scripting and site-management features. Version 4 of Dreamweaver is now even easier to use and faster to learn. It's also better at production flow, and entirely customizable.

Runners up:

GoLive 5.0 - Adobe Systems
Flash 5 - Macromedia
LiveMotion 1.0 - Adobe Systems
BBEdit 6 - Barebones Software
Freeway 3.1 - Softpress

Editors' Choice: Consumer Hardware PhotoSmart 1218 - Hewlett-Packard

From automatic paper-sensing to infrared connectivity, Hewlett-Packard's PhotoSmart 1218 has everything, including great quality prints. It even does its own head alignment. You can print directly from digital camera media using either CompactFlash or SmartMedia cards. This printer is so smart you don't even need a computer to print from.

Runners up: iMac Special Edition - Apple Computer
iBook SE - Apple Computer
GeForce2 - Nvidia
Radeon Mac Edition- ATI
m105 - Palm

Editors' Choice: Consumer Software iTunes - Apple Computer

Apple hired the writer of Casady & Greene's SoundJam to update the digital music jukebox software with a jazzy Apple interface. iTunes, free with new Macs and downloadable for the rest of us, is a wonderful way to make people use their Mac as a digital-entertainment hub. And the pictures sure look pretty, too.

Runners up: iMovie 2 - Apple Computer
Photoshop Elements - Adobe Systems
Virtual PC 4 - Connectix
Office 2001 - Microsoft
PhotoStudio 4 - ArcSoft

Editors' Choice: Entertainment Escape from Monkey Island - Aspyr

For anybody familiar with Guybrush Threepwood's previous adventures, will know that Escape from Monkey Island has been a long time coming. But it doesn't disappoint. With hilarious characters, such as ghost pirates and of course the occasional monkey, it's the best adventure yet - and an excellent respite from your average shoot 'em up.

Runners up: Alien Crossfire - Firaxis
The Sims - Aspyr
Oni - Bungie
Deus Ex - Aspyr
Championship Manager 00/01 - Feral Interactive

Editors' Choice: Product of the Year Mac OS X - Apple Computer

OK, so it's not quite the finished article yet - missing some key features and still waiting for optimized applications. But OS X is, without doubt, the future of the Macintosh. Its high-performance, robust Unix architecture is well hidden underneath the gorgeous Aqua interface. It may take time to get used to, but OS X computing is well worth the effort.

Runners up: PowerBook G4 - Apple Computer
SuperDrive and iDVD - Apple Computer
Office 2001 - Microsoft
OmniWeb - The Omni Group
Photoshop 6.0.1 - Adobe Systems