The winners of the Macworld Awards 2003 were announced last night at an exclusive event held at The Brewery, London. Macworld editors and readers voted for the year's best products. Sponsors included: Apple, HP, Minolta-QMS, FileMaker and MacFest.

Editors' Choice: Productivity Hardware Winner: Business Inkjet 3000dtm HP HP has changed the face of office printing with its excellent Business Inkjet range. It offers the kind of quality that many users only see on their home inkjet printers, mixed with the network capability of a laser printer. The result is inexpensive colour printing for small offices.
Runners-up LP70 - InFocus
MX700 - Logitech
Personal Storage 5000 - Maxtor
Tungsten T - Palm Computing

Editors' Choice: Productivity Software
Winner: FileMaker Pro 6.0 FileMaker FileMaker Pro 6.0 offers an incredibly powerful database solution, with unrivalled ease of use. Over the years FileMaker has become more and more sophisticated, but has always remained one of the easiest databases to use. Version 6.0 is the best version yet, extending its Web capabilities even further.
Runners-up Keynote - Apple
PictureTalk 4.0 - Pixion
Safari - Apple
Virtual PC 6.0 - Connectix/Microsoft

Editors' Choice: Imaging Hardware Winner: CoolPix 5700 Nikon There's a lot of competition in imaging hardware, but Nikon's CoolPix 5700 offers more than the average digital camera. Aside from its huge 5-megapixel output, it also boasts a large 8x zoom lens, and seems incapable of taking a bad picture.
Runners-up DiamondPro 2070SB - Mitsubishi
DiMAGE Scan Elite II - Minolta
Perfection 3200 Photo - Epson
PowerShot G3 - Canon

Editors' Choice: Imaging Software Winner: Painter 8 Corel While Painter has been the premier real-media graphics tool for many years, version 8 brings new usability. The new interface makes Painter work in a more familiar way for people coming from a computer-graphics background rather than a painting background. Painter is now a must-have for graphics artists.
Runners-up Colour Confidence Studio - TypeMaker
FreeHand MX - Macromedia
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11 - Corel
Image Doctor - Alien Skin

Editors' Choice: Connectivity Winner: StingRay Hermstedt With ADSL grabbing all the headlines, ISDN may seem to be on the wane but, while plentiful, other file-transfer options are still confusing to many. Hermstedt has integrated ISDN with other options such as ADSL and FTP in one easy-to-use box called StingRay.
Runners-up DG814 - Netgear
ExtendAir Omni - Dr Bott
NetShuttle DSL - Hermstedt
NetMinder Ethernet 5.0 - Neon

Editors' Choice: Print Imaging Winner: Stylus Photo 2100 Epson Colour inkjet printers have progressed so far that even relatively cheap models are now capable of amazing output. Epson has combined this amazing performance with tons of special features such as edge-to-edge printing, CD printing, and photo-reel printing with the Stylus Photo 2100.
Runners-up CL30 - Xanté
Phaser 7300 - Xerox
Iris iProof - Creo
DeskJet 7550 - HP

Editors' Choice: Storage Winner: Big Disk LaCie It does exactly what it says on the box. LaCie's FireWire-based Big Disk hard drive houses dual 250GB drives in a sturdy aluminium alloy box. The drives are used in tandem for fast high-capacity storage.
Runners-up Devideon - Formac
Kube Box - Clever
FireWire DriveDock - WiebeTech
Super DLT 320 - Tandberg Data

Editors' Choice: Multimedia & 3D Software Winner: Cinema 4D 8 Maxon While more expensive packages may have more features right out of the box, the modular way Cinema 4D 8 is designed means that you can get a powerful application for under £500. You can buy all the other features you need at a later date.
Runners-up Director MX - Macromedia
Maya Complete 4.5 - Alias|Wavefront
PiXELS 3D 4.5 - Pixels Digital
SketchUp 2.2 - @Last Software

Editors' Choice: Education Winner: Mathematica 4.2 Wolfram Stephen Wolfram has changed the world of mathematics with Mathematica. His work has evolved into, as he would put it, a new kind of science. Now everybody can use the same tools as the world's greatest mathematicians.
Runners-up Remote Desktop 1.2 - Apple
Reunion 8 - Leister Productions
The Graph Club 2.0 - Tom Snyder Productions
WorldBook 2003 Jaguar Edition - MacKiev

Editors' Choice: Music/Audio Winner: Cubase SX Steinberg While most of the big names in music applications have updated their products recently, Cubase SX is the only one to offer a radical interface redesign. It now offers the most modern interface of all the Mac OS X music software on offer.
Runners-up Digital Performer - Mark of the Unicorn
Logic Platinum 6 - Emagic
Pro Tools 6.0 - Digidesign
Reason 2.5 - Propellerhead Software

Editors' Choice: Video Winner: Final Cut Express Apple Final Cut Pro 4 promises to shake-up the video-production world soon, but Final Cut Express (effectively FCP 3 minus some top-end features) puts real power in the hands of beginners aspiring to greater things. Express will nurture a new breed of video producer.
Runners-up Cleaner 6 - Discreet
NV-GX7 - Panasonic
Squeeze 3 - Sorenson
Xpress DV 3.5 - Avid

Editors' Choice: Consumer Hardware Winner: SliMP3 Slim Devices If you ever wanted to listen to your MP3 collection on your stereo but couldn't be bothered to figure out how to do it, SliMP3 is the easy answer. It gives you the niceties of a Sony remote control and playlist management, while discreetly connecting to your Mac via Ethernet or wireless link.
Runners-up EyeTV - El Gato
JBL Creature - Harman Multimedia
LS443 - Kodak
ScanJet 3500c - HP

Editors' Choice: Consumer Software Winner: iLife Apple They say the best things in life are free, or at least bundled with your new Mac. Apple's iLife collection is one of the finest collections of integrated Mac software around, and is mostly free to download; the boxed version costs £39, and includes iDVD. It's unbeatable value either way.
Runners-up CD Labelling Kit for Mac OS X - Pressit
Move2Mac - Detto Technologies
NetBarrier X - Intego
Photoshop Elements 2.0 - Adobe

Editors' Choice: Entertainment Winner: Medal of Honor Aspyr Medal of Honor is the most realistic soldier's eye view of WW2 that you'll find on the Mac or any PC. The game itself will keep you on the edge of your seat. When you've mastered the single-player part, there's fantastic multiplayer levels that will keep you addicted to the game indefinitely.
Runners-up Championship Manager 4 - Feral Interactive
Bugdom 2.0 - Pangea Software
Sims Unleashed - Aspyr
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos - Blizzard

Editors' Choice: Apple Product of the Year
Winner: Aluminium PowerBook G4 Apple Both the 12-inch and 17-inch PowerBooks quickly became the most desirable laptops around after their introduction in January. The giant 17-inch model is like a portable desktop machine, while the 12-inch is great for everyday travellers. Either model would be the envy of any portable computer user.
Runners-up AirPort Extreme
Mac OS X 10.2

Editors' Choice: Value-Added Solution Winner: Global Studio Video Rescue Global Studio provides you with a studio in the field, wherever that might be. Packaged in a flight case, it offers online and offline editing capabilities, based around Apple's Final Cut Pro and a PowerBook G4 laptop computer. Every box is customized to a customer's needs, and comes with technical support and training options.
Runners-up Square Group Ltd
StorePoint International Ltd

Readers' Choice: Best Hardware Winner: 17-inch PowerBook G4 Apple Its screen is big enough to complement a desktop machine, while its features are equal to a Power Mac, with FireWire 800 connectivity and AirPort Extreme. It isn't even that heavy when you pick it up, and remains just an inch thick with slot-loading DVD-R.
Runners-up 12-inch PowerBook G4 - Apple
iMac G4 - Apple

Readers' Choice: Best Software Winner: Photoshop 7.0 Adobe Forget QuarkXPress, Adobe's Photoshop was the killer application that everyone was waiting for before upgrading to Mac OS X. Not only does it take advantage of OS X's many benefits, it also offers some fantastic new features as well.
Runners-up Safari - Apple
iLife - Apple

Readers' Choice: Best Dealer Winner: MacWarehouse Who said big isn't beautiful? MacWarehouse, the largest Apple reseller in the UK with more than 12,000 products online, has been named top dealer for the fifth year running by Macworld readers. Respect.
Runners-up Cancom
Computer Warehouse