Last night saw the annual Macworld awards, at which the cream of the UK Mac community picked up the industry's most sought-after awards for excellence.

The lavish event was staged at the Ex-Saatchi Gallery in London's St John's Wood, with Macworld editor-in-chief Simon Jary and Ediitor David Fanning hosting the ceremony.

The roll-call of honour was as follows:

Editors' Choice: Productivity Hardware

HP’s all-in-one PSC 2510. This impressed our judges because it does everything you could want a printer to do. It scans, it copies, it faxes, it reads media cards, creates contact sheets, prints photos – everything bar make the tea. Most importantly, it does all of these thing well.

Editors' Choice: Productivity Software

FileMaker Pro 7. FileMaker has long been the definitive Mac database, mixing ease of use and cross-platform compatibility. With version 7, FileMaker has been completely rewritten, making it more powerful and more adaptable than ever, extending the ease of use it for which it is known.

Editors' Choice: Imaging Hardware

Canon EOS 300D. The world's first affordable digital SLR, the 300D marks the moment digital cameras stopped being curious playthings and became a technology over which image enthusiasts could swoon.

Editors' Choice: Imaging Software

Adobe Creative Suite. Updating Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and GoLive and Acrobat in one fell swoop was an amazing feat, but getting them working together almost as a single application was a stroke of genius. The Adobe Creative Suite is the core of every designer's software toolkit.

Editors' Choice: Connectivity

Boss, from Iogear. Routers can be boring, but Iogear came up with the idea of adding a hard drive to a router. Now the whole office or household can have easy access to shared storage, ideal for backup or sharing work.

Editors' Choice: Print Imaging

Epson Stylus Photo R800. To attain the ultimate photographic images the R800 employs an eight-cartridge system, seven inks and a gloss cartridge. The pigmented inks give long-lasting prints, while achieving a high gloss due to advances in Epson’s ink technology. The R800 offers photographers a new level of quality and durability in printing.

Editors' Choice: Storage

LaCie’s Bigger Disk. Bigger isn’t always better, but this terabyte of personal storage is very appealing. LaCie has led the way for FireWire storage with the Big Disk, and now the Bigger Disk. It features an array of four drives but the end user doesn’t need to use any software to combine them as a RAID system.

Editors' Choice: Multimedia/3D Software

Macromedia Flash MX 2004. Industry leader Macromedia Flash made its mark in the booming Web design market. No other software product has come close the range of capabilities that Flash MX 2004 offers to online interactive design.

Editors' Choice: Education

Mathematica 5 from Wolfram Research.

For simple calculations to large-scale computations, Mathematica is the tool of choice for students and scientists across the world. Version 5 has a number of performance enhancements that take advantage of the G5 architecture. It is used in universities from the LSE to MIT and beyond.

Editors' Choice: Consumer Hardware

EyeTV from El Gato.

Watching TV on the Mac has been possible for years, but this is the first product to make it work so well. Digital Terrestrial programming can be recorded and played back with ease. The quality is amazing, as is the ability to program recordings from any Web browser, wherever you are.

Editors' Choice: Consumer Software

Freeway Express from Softpress.
Freeway has long been a great alternative for Web creators from a print design background. Freeway Express brings this easy-to-use yet powerful tool to a new audience with the entry-level version. Now more people than ever can quickly and easily produce Web pages.

Editors' Choice: Entertainment

Aspyr’s Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings story is brought to life in this game that makes great use of the DVD format to bring unseen movie footage, entwined with great game play. The result is a compelling game that is full of challenges.

Editors' Choice: Apple Product of the Year

Power Mac G5. The Power Mac G5 is the fastest Mac ever, and it’s the power behind the third fastest super-computer in the world. It represents the greatest leap in power since the Mac first appeared. It's an attractive platform for any power-hungry designer, animator, filmmaker, scientist or musician.

The next four awards were voted for by the readers of Macworld magazine.

Readers' Choice: Best non-Apple Hardware

Wacom Graphire3

Readers' Choice: Best Software (sponsored by Xante)

Adobe’s Photoshop CS.

Readers' Choice: Best Mac Reseller (sponsored by HP)


In this the 20th anniversary year of the Mac, Macworld's readers also voted for the Best Apple Product of All Time, with the iMac the runaway winner.

This year also saw the the first FileMaker Developer of the Year Award, which was won by Traffic, from Sohnar.

Another first was the HP Gallery Award, in which images from ten finalists were displayed and voted for by awards-goers. The winner was Gerard Locke, whose moody portrait Hidden Perfection earned him over £2,500 of Mac equipment.

A further inaugural award was the Macworld Creative Choice Award, which was won by Miglia, for its “Extra Man” solution for Norwich City Football Club.

The Canaries' sports scientist Dave Carolan uses Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro on a PowerBook G4, alongside Miglia’s Directors Cut 2 to -analyze players’ performance on the fly.

The final prize was Macworld Value Added Reseller Award, which went to The Square Group.