The winners of the 2000 Macworld Awards were announced last night during a glittering ceremony at the world-famous BBC studios in London's Shepherd's Bush. Apple was the overall sponsor this year. The coveted prizes were won by the following:

Editors’ choice: productivity hardware
Apple continues to improve its professional portable, this year taking its speed up to a blistering 500MHz and adding FireWire connectivity to support leading digital camcorders. The world’s fastest laptop just got faster, and capturing digital video just got a whole lot easier with Apple’s PowerBook.

Editors’ choice: productivity software
Now spun off as a separate entity to mothership Apple, FileMaker is a decidedly cross-platform application – and that’s essential in business nowadays. FileMaker Pro 5 even looks like Microsoft Office 98, and supports the Windows-based
Office 2000. With FileMaker, the Mac remains a viable business alternative.

Editors’ choice: creativity software - sponsored by Epson
PDF-based Adobe InDesign is modern, stylish and modular.
Its interface is streamlined, well organized and customizable.
The new generation of formatting enhancements go well beyond anything in other page-layout programs. Highlights are optical kerning, multiline composition and multiple undos.

Editors’ choice: creativity hardware - sponsored by Adobe
Epson has excelled itself, with its Stylus Photo 1270 being
its quietest, fastest, and – most importantly – best-quality ink-jet printer ever, at least in this price range. £399 (inc. VAT) gets you great photographic quality at A3 poster sizes, and it uses a new ink that is colour-fast for at least ten years.

Editors’ choice: connectivity hardware
LaCie’s NetBox brings high-end archive storage into
a new price bracket. Less than £1,500 gets you up and
running with a minimum 27-CD capacity – that’s a lot cheaper than traditional CD jukeboxes. For your money you get at least an 18GB hard drive, fast CD-ROM, and a tiny networking computer running Linux.

Editors’ choice: connectivity software
In the past, keeping compatible with ISDN protocols meant
you needed different packages to send to different clients
and countries. Faster and more flexible than ever, Hermstedt’s Grand Central Pro 2 now offers compatibility with all peer-to-peer ISDN clients, with improved compression for Hermstedt card users.

Editors’ choice: multimedia hardware
Years ago we were promised virtual reality. That’s come to mean almost any 3D graphics on the Mac, but now it’s a reality with the ProFormance III video card and the ProCyber 3D glasses. Get inside your favourite game like Quake, Unreal or Descent – and feel like you’re really there – if you can take the heat…

Editors’ choice: multimedia software
Adobe has added dozens of enhancements to its motion-graphics and video-compositing powerhouse, After Effects 4.1. Some are major, some minor; taken together, they make a terrific, must-have upgrade. Alongside productivity boosters, there’s improved text and masking features, and a wider range of 3D filters.

Editors’ choice: web publishing - sponsored by Computers Unlimited
No other tool comes close to offering such a powerful and broad list of Web design support as Dreamweaver 3. From HTML, DHTML, CSS and rollovers to site management and RoundTrip HTML, the benefits for Web designers using Dreamweaver are unsurpassed. Macromedia continually raises the standards.

Editors’ choice: entertainment
Sick of Man Utd winning everything? With Feral Interactive’s Championship Manager 99/00 you personally can guide any team from 16 national leagues to goals and glory. Armed with a San Siro-full of stats, build your chosen side into championship winners. It’s not just putting the ball in the back of the net…

Editors’ choice: consumer software
Apple is determined that digital video is the next big thing for personal computers. After the Internet, it may very well be right. To start the cameras rolling, Apple bundles the simple but professional-looking iMovie with all its DV iMacs. Home movies are usually dull, amateur affairs – with iMovie, at least they’re slicker.

Editors’ choice: consumer hardware
We liked Apple’s consumer portable when it first came out, but the bright blue and orange colour schemes put many people off. Now – as well as pumping up the G3 processor to 366MHz and doubling RAM and hard-disk size – Apple offers us the sober-toned, Graphite iBook Special Edition, possibly the best-looking laptop ever.

Editors’ choice: best technology - sponsored by FileMaker
Apple killed the floppy disk. Now, Apple’s stuck the knife in
the bane of any network – cables. AirPort’s 11Mbps wireless-networking technology means you can browse the Web
and link with other Macs up to 150ft away, cable-free.
Within months of its launch, AirPort worked with every
new Mac system – neat.

Readers’ Choice: best software - sponsored by Direktek
Photoshop 5.5’s new features – including dramatically improved GIF and JPEG optimization – focus narrowly on the Web. Furthermore, it includes ImageReady 2, a Web-graphics editor that automates image slicing, JavaScript rollovers and animation. Macworld readers who use Photoshop and design for the Web just love it.

Readers’ Choice: best hardware
Last year, Macworld readers flocked to the innovative all-in-one iMac as fast as the rest of the world. Now, you’ve voted its successor, the iMacDV, your favourite piece of Mac hardware. A wise choice – as Apple has refined the case, junked the fan, added FireWire, DVD and iMovie, as well as increasing RAM and hard-disk capacities.

Readers’ Choice: best dealer - sponsored by Ingram Micro
For the second year running, Macworld readers have voted Apple-authorized reseller MacWarehouse their favourite
Mac dealer. You can’t miss the bright yellow ads in Macworld
or the constant stream of face-filled catalogues. According
to our readers, you can’t beat its service or prices either.