Macworld Conference in London this month will offer an in-depth look at Xserve, Apple's high-end offering for creative, scientific, research and enterprise professionals.

Four conference sessions take an exhaustive look at Xserve. A host of additional sessions will explore graphics and layout, video and special effects, and Web design and delivery. More information about the sessions is available here.

Apple Europe's director of creative markets Oren Ziv will explore the increasingly strong relationship between Apple, its Unix-based Mac OS X and the open source community.

Ziv will discuss how Apple has worked hard to ensure the platform is deeply compatible with Unix and Linux; how the open-source Darwin kernel is inspiring new initiatives and introduce arguments explaining why OS X is a strong alternative to Windows-based systems, particularly as wave after wave of malware afflicts PC users today.

Today's Sydney Morning Herald reports Australia's Open Source Industry Association spokesman Stephen Jenkin, who says: "Blaster, along with Slammer and hundreds of other nasty pieces of malware only infect Microsoft platforms and applications. Other operating systems such as Linux, Unix and Mac OS X do not experience this constant series of security problems."

Jenkin lends weight to Ziv's Macworld Conference pitch, advising network operators that: "By designing your network so that half of your organization's computer systems are open-source Linux or BSD Unix, you will ensure that some of your computer systems will always survive the next major malware outbreak, meaning your business stays in business."

Apple's Xserve offers new opportunities in the enterprise for the company. Speaker David Cartwright (who is IT head for a major multinational publisher) will look into introducing Xserves as part of a heterogenous network in the enterprise.

He'll add weight to open-source claims that enterprises cannot afford to remain reliant on one hardware or software vendor across their business, and explain why – and how – to build networks using multiple best-of-breed systems, Xserves, Solaris, HP/UX and Windows systems.

Cartwright will also explain how Xserves can be integrated with existing networks, including directory services and security systems.

Serving it up
A session led by Iscentia's Stuart Wilkes will explore effective client management with Mac OS X Panther server. Wilkes will demonstrate a technical overview of the multiple tools and solutions that exist in OS X 10.3 Server.

He will show conference attendees how to exploit technologies such as NetBoot, NetInstall, Apple Remote Desktop and more to deploy and manage multiple client computers. Wilkes will also share a number of professional hints and tricks that should help IT managers cope with even the most complex networks.

The sessions are followed-up with a panel discussion: "Is Apple ready for the enterprise?" in which panelists will explore Apple's offering to the enterprise market.

The UK's first Macworld Conference takes place in London from May 17-18 and will feature some of the world's leading Mac experts.

Additional speakers include Photoshop guru Deke McClelland, Colour expert Dr Ross Allen, Macworld contributor Ben Long, Adobe evangelist Peder Engrob, and many more.

A few tickets for Macworld Conference are still available. Full details are available here.