Macworld Conference ran November 18 and 19 at MacExpo last week.

Delegates experienced a wide array of speakers, who shared their knowledge.

Conference delegate John said: "Working in magazine production, it was gratifying to see so many other people in my field attending the print seminars. It was a great opportunity to share experiences, gripes and tips with like-minded professionals.

"The Quark/Adobe head-to-head, while not providing much in the way of tips to help me in my job, was entertaining and informative it was a rare thing indeed to see Quark speaking openly about its products in an open forum."

Digital video track

Leading freelance video editor Angie Taylor delivered a series of presentations on Final Cut Pro HD.

Taylor – who also contributes to Digit magazine - demonstrated an array of time-saving tips and techniques. Useful tips included using the Blink Filter as a quick way of jump-cut editing, and employing the pen tool to finesse effects. To illustrate these and other tips she used her own live projects, including a retrospective film on all-girl UK punk band The Slits, and an advertisement for the Mini car.

Meanwhile Luxembourg-based editorial consultants and Macworld contributors Anna Kobylinska and Filipe Pereira Martins took Conference-goers through the new features of Adobe Acrobat Professional 7. They showcased LiveCycle Designer, a tool to design PDF forms that work with back-end enterprise systems using XML, as well as the new reviewing toolbar in Acrobat Reader, which can be enabled when PDFs are created in Acrobat Professional.

Digital Art Masterclass

On Friday morning the Digital Art Masterclass was hosted by José Villarrubia, fine artist, illustrator, photographer and comic book colourist.

José demonstrated his techniques using images from his book The Mirror of Love. Using photography and Photoshop, José creates beautiful images and makes building them look easy. He created an image using his photo montage techniques in just a few minutes as the audience watched.

The second half of the presentation focused on the art of comic illustration. When José isn’t teaching students illustration and fine arts he is one of the most sought after colourists in the comic book business. He showed his techniques which have revolutionised modern comics. He uses a mixture of Photoshop techniques and painted backgrounds in his work.

Delegates and readers who were unable to attend the Conference can download full conference notes from many of the speakers at the event, including notes from Angie Taylor.

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