Macworld UK is enjoying a Bank Holiday break, so we'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a happy Easter.

In the meantime, here's some "easter eggs" to keep you entertained. They all relate to Mac OS 9 and Classic applications. If anyone's got a Mac OS X easter egg tucked away, Macworld would love to know about it.

Easter eggs became a tradition among programmers in the early days of computing. Annoyed at the way the companies they worked for would take credit for their work, they began to embed little signatures into the software they were working with – these could be photos, names, images, anything a wired and caffeine inspired programmer's mind could latch onto.

Here's a dozen eggs we've tracked down for you. For more about Easter eggs, read managing editor Sean Ashcroft's column, penned last year.

OS 9's Cupertino campus Hidden within Mac OS 9, this little trick offers a birds-eye view of the inner courtyard of Apple's Cupertino campus. Hold down the Option key, go to the Apple Menu and choose "About the Finder", and enjoy the view!

System credits This particular easter egg works on most iterations of Mac OS 9. Simply hold down Control-Option-Command, go to the Apple Menu and choose "About the Mac OS 9 Team" and see what you can see. Another slice of chocolatey goodness is held in version 2.4.2 of the Apple System Profiler – open it up, switch Balloon help on and select "About Apple System Profiler" and get the skinny on the engineering team.

Locate nowhere You have the Map Control panel installed, right? Well, try this…Go into the Map Control Panel, type "middle" and click "Find". You will learn that somewhere in the South Atlantic between Africa and South America, just North of Antarctica, is a place that an overworked, stressed out caffeine addicted Apple programmer calls: "The middle of Nowhere". A lost soul.

QuickTime quirk Open up your System and take a peek inside your Extensions folder – look for the QuickTime icon, switch on Balloon Help and hold it over the icon, and you'll discover for yourself the final impact of working too hard too often. You'll find a similar effect on other QuickTime extension icons – look and learn this Easter. Definitely works on version 4.03 components.

Not me On the login panel, press Control-Option-Del – and you'll see what Mac OS X server isn't!

Flashy gold Open up Flash 5, choose Help then About. Click (or double click) on the Macromedia logo at the bottom right corner – then click on "Thanks" (before the animation stops playing). Deep within Flash you'll find Gold Rush, a tired programmers productivity-enhancing exercise. You have to put down "ramps" of sorts to direct the gold miner to the gold mine. Clicking on an already placed "ramp" changes the direction. The longer it takes you to get to the gold mine, the less the gold is worth. Happy hunting, old timer.

Team Quark Open up QuarkXPress, hold down Shift-Option-Apple and click on the Apple Menu, choose About QuarkXPress, keep holding down the keys and click in the box – meet the non-OS-X-native team.

In XPress, draw a box with the item tool, and hit Control-Option-Shift and the K key, an inter-galactic intruder wanders across the screen and zaps the box, which disappears in a blitz of colours.
If you repeat the process at least five times, a second, larger Martian - toting a cosmic bazooka - ambles into view and splats its cosmic counterpart across the screen.

Toasted sandwich Holding down option while accessing About Toast 4.0 gives an amusing credits screen

Eggs to MS
It's claimed that no one works longer hours than the Microserfs. Test this out – open up Internet Explorer 5.0, type "about:tasman" in the address bar and press return. You'll see what consistent long hours do to productivity.

Spaced out Open up your copy of Conflict Catcher, go to the About Conflict Catcher screen and type play, with no quotes or caps. Use space to shoot and the arrows to turn. Good luck, space cadet.

Mythical unit For terminally-addicted Myth II gamers. Go to level 7, go across the river and go down it a bit. You should see a large circle in the ground with a slab of rock beside it. Make a dwarf go up to the rock – if this fails make the dwarf go past the rock. You'll get the message.

For another hidden treat, visit level 19 and find the shard in the North East corner of the map. At the edge of the map there's a big tree on a hill. Rotate the camera till it points South, zoom in until the camera is inside the tree and you will see a unit Bungie were building but scrapped before releasing the game.