Macworld UK's editor in chief, Mark Hattersley, has released a new book titled Mac Secrets.

According to Mark the book contains "a brain drop of just about everything I've learned about Macs over the last 10 years".

"The idea was to create a book for Mac fans, especially new Mac fans" said Mark. Over the last 10 years Apple fortunes have really turned around, and Apple is selling more and more Macs every quarter.

And over the last few years Mac OS X itself has become more and more complex. "A lot of Mac fans didn't step in at Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah, they came in later." said Mark, and this book will help them get up to speed with some of Mac OS X's nuances.

"I've packed the book with tips" said Mark "I pretty much spent two months just writing down everything I knew about Mac OS X. Then I spent a long time with the guys at Wiley figuring out what sort of secrets would a Mac fan these days need to know."

The book covers everything from getting a good deal when buying a Mac, through to customisation and personalisation tricks, and up to troubleshooting and maintenance. It also looks at how to use a Mac with and iPad and iPhone.

Mac Secrets by Mark Hattersley is available now from Amazon for £22.09 and the Kindle Bookstore (£11.70).

Click here to view a copy.