Template Graphics Software (TGS) will announce Amapi 3D version 6 at the Macworld Expo, San Francisco, tomorrow.

Amapi 3D is a 3D-modelling program for Mac and Windows. Version 6 integrates 3Space technology that TGS describes as "ground-breaking new technology for dynamic 3D on the Internet". The program
also includes functions for advanced modelling and image rendering, the manufacturer claims.

The application has been made easier to use, and includes a beefed-up rendering engine. It hosts tools for the creation of 3D content for the Web.

3D Web J-B Cazeaux, CEO of TGS, explains: "We are very excited about releasing Amapi 3D 6. First of all, with Amapi 3D and 3Space, 3D Web-authoring becomes a reality. Secondly, this new version responds to the demands of our customers and partners, and really brings many positive features - both in terms of modeling and rendering. Futhermore the considerable development effort, and significant amount of beta testing, is assuring a high level of quality."

The application can associate dynamic and interactive behaviours to the objects it creates, and can generate files in HTML and XML Formats. New modelling functions include elevation maps; tension controls and improved smoothing tools.

Amapi 3D version 6 contains a new rendering module for accelerated raytracing with a totally redesigned interface based on ergonomic principles, according to TGS.