Audited attendance figures confirm Macworld Expo San Francisco greeted more visitors and exhibitors in 2005 than 2004.

The dates of next year’s Mac show have also been confirmed as January 10-13, 2006. This year’s show took place between January 11-14, 2005.

The figures reveal that total attendance for the event rose more than 11 per cent from 2004, from 32,409 attendees to 35,989.

By category, attendance was: Exhibit Only (28,864), Conference (3,358), Exhibitors (2,485), Speakers (132) and Press (1,150).

Just 1,080 international visitors attended the event, the majority of visitors travelled from across the US, with 27,743 Californians present.

MacCentral reveals that 7.3 per cent of visitors “identified themselves” as being involved in graphic design or art; 5.2 per cent said they were self-employed; and 4.9 per cent identified themselves as CEOs of their company. Over 1,100 attendees indicated they were involved in information technology or systems support.

Attendee surveys also showed that 8.1 per cent of verified attendees are employed in design and creative services work; 7.1 per cent worked in film, video and TV, and 6.8 per cent in photography or digital imaging. Higher Education accounted for 6.2 per cent of visitors, while K-12 Education delivered 6.1 per cent. 5.7 per cent of attendees work in Web design.