Belkin revealed a pair of products for computer users at Macworld Expo and CES this week, a sophisticated battery backup solution and a laptop stand.

Aimed at network managers and small businesses with multiple computers, the $99.99 Battery Backup also offers a detachable flashlight which automatically goes on if the lights go down.

Meanwhile, if its essential to you to keep your equipment running, the Battery Backup keeps connected equipment on. It offers 550VA battery-load capacity for approximately 20 minutes of backup time (dependent upon what equipment is connected) and four battery backup outlets, including two surge-protected outlets.

It also includes a cable management system, 1-in, 2-out RJ11 telephone/fax surge protection, USB connectivity, power management software and a $50,000 connected equipment warranty. The system ships in the US in mid-February, and will ship later in other markets.

The Belkin Cooling Stand ($29.99) helps keep your notebook cool, raising it above the desk to enable better airflow around the computer. It's powered by your laptop’s USB port and boasts a wave design that boosts natural airflow.

The Cooling Stand’s fan exploits heat’s natural tendency to rise by pushing hot air upward through the channel and away from your laptop. The stand ships in the US in late February, with other markets to follow.