Belkin has introduced the first 802.11n Wireless ExpressCard for notebooks.

The device offers the wireless performance of the as yet unratified standard, which Apple is rumoured to be preparing to support in future Macs. The device connects to your notebook's ExpressCard slot.

N1 Wireless uses Intelligent MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology to increase speed, coverage, and reliability of wireless systems. It offers a link rate of up to 300Mbps in 40MHz Channel Mode.

For most users, the card doubles available bandwidth so they can run multimedia applications, such as streaming HD video and online games, as well as expand your wireless range and reliably connect to wireless hotspots.

The device was launched in the US yesterday, and is due to launch in global markets in the coming months. It costs $99.99.

Along with the ExpressCard, the Belkin N1 Wireless range includes:
- Router - $129.99
- Notebook Card - $89.99
- Desktop Card - $99.99
- USB Adapter - $99.99