Our US-based sister publication, Macworld, has announced its top picks from Macworld Expo 2000, San Francisco - chosen for representing the "best and most exciting new hardware and software products" of the Expo.

All the products chosen are new or recent announcements, and all have been seen in action at the Expo. Many are unavailable for general release, but we’ll keep you posted with UK release dates as they occur.

The winners are:

Apple’s OS X The 21st century operating system offers a new interface and many of the features the Mac faithful have prayed for.

Canon BJC-85 This portable ink-jet printer is an ideal road-warrior peripheral, and is smaller than a shoebox.

Canon Powershot S20 The first three-megapixel digital camera for the Mac.

IBM Via Voice IBM is on the verge of producing G4 chips in quantity for Apple. Industry insiders suggest that Apple’s championing of IBM’s continuous speech recognition software reflects increasing friendliness between the two companies.

Macromedia Dreamweaver 3/Fireworks 3 Macromedia has updated its Web authoring programs, improving integration with other leading graphics software, including Photoshop.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 Hosting numerous usability advancements, Microsoft has improved the browsers rendering of 3D HTML pages and its ability to search the web.

Micronet Sancube This is an affordable, FireWire-based storage network, offering up to 220GB of hard drive capacity at a throughput of 30MB per second.

Zaxwerks Invigorator An Adobe After Effects plug-in, this lets you create 3D models with sophisticated lighting effects, all from within the host program.

For all the news from Macworld Expo 2000, San Francisco, go to Macworld’s round-up pages.