Bristol-based freelance audio/music/video and Mac consultant Sam Downie attended this week's Macworld Expo in Boston as a speaker at the conference.

Click here for his photos from the event, which for the first time in many years was not graced by a massive (or even miniscule) Apple stand.

Downie's photos include Macworld contributing editor David Pogue's show-opening "20 Years of the Mac" keynote session with members of the original Mac team Jef Raskin (the "father of the Mac"), Andy Hertzfeld (author of the Macintosh system software and desk accessories), Bill Atkinson (principal designer of the Macintosh UI, MacPaint and Hypercard) and Jerry Manock (original Mac designer).

You can also see pictures of the Mac Brainiac Challenge, hosted by another Macworld contributing editor, Chris Breen. The so-called "Copland Development Team", made up of Bryan Chaffin (editor-in-Chief, The Mac Observer), Adam Engst (Publisher, TidBITS), Dan Frakes (author, and editor of MacFixIt) and Macworld back-page columnist Andy Ihnatko. The opposing team dubbed itself "Genius Barred" included Jason Snell (Editor in Chief, Macworld Magazine US), Peter Cohen (Senior Editor, MacCentral/MacGaming), Rich Siegel (President, Bare Bones Software), and Jim Dalrymple (Editor, and MacCentral).