Canon announced four new hardware products at Macworld Expo yesterday - two bubble jet printers, a scanner and a multifunction printer. The company also announced plans to produce software for the Mac.

Emphasizing the company’s commitment to the Mac platform, Canon’s vice president of marketing Peter Bergman, commented: "When we look at the success Apple has created with its iMac and G3/G4 products, we’re excited because Apple’s focus on style, ease of use, colour, and the Internet mirrors Canon’s focus."

On the software side, the Canon Photo Gold and Canon Photo applications for manipulating digital images will be available this month. The software features a one-button QuickFix, that automatically adjusts the highlight and shadow ratio, manual tools - such as cropping, colour fills, cloning and dust removal - and options for sharing and printing photos. Photo Gold includes Spin Panorama for creating panoramic QuickTime movies, and Spin PhotoObjects for creating 3D views of objects.

Canon’s OfficeReady software will follow later in the year. This software offers 1,000 templates for Word, Excel and PowerPoint and is designed to save users time by producing professional-looking documents, with pre-matched colour schemes and fonts.

The company’s hardware announcements included the BJC-85 Color Bubble Jet - a portable printer for iBook and PowerBook G3 users, sporting a tinted blue lid and boasting a 720-x-360 dpi resolution. It prints at 5ppm in monochrome and 2ppm in colour and weighs 3.1 pounds. The printer is set to ship in March.

The second new bubble jet printer is the BJC-3000, due to ship in February. This delivers colour prints at 4ppm, monochrome at 9ppm, and has a resolution of 1,440-x-720 dpi. It supports Canon’s Drop Modulation Technology for enhanced output and sharper text printing, and is compatible with Canon’s Color Image Scanner Cartridge.

The new scanner, the CanoScan FB 630Ui, was honoured with a mention from Steve Jobs during the Keynote speech yesterday. The USB flatbed scanner, with its blueberry lid and compact design (1.5 inches high and 3 pounds in weight), delivers a 600-x-1,200 dpi optical resolution, with interpolated resolutions of up to 9,600 dpi. The scanner will be on the shelves in February.

Finally, the company announced the MultiPass C545 Multifunction Printer, designed specifically for the Apple market. This features printing, standalone colour faxing and copying, and one-touch scanning. The MultiPass C545 will ship in March.

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