Chronos will officially introduce StickyBrain - its information-management software - at Macworld Expo tomorrow.

StickyBrain has been developed specifically for Mac OS X, though a version for Macs running Mac OS 8.1 or above will also be available.

Chronos describes StickyBrain as the "ultimate information storehouse". It has been developed to help users organize and work with disparate pieces of information. It also incorporates a "sticky note" interface - similar to Apple's "Stickies".

The application can store text, images, sounds, file and application links, contact details and email addresses. It's built on a word processor which offers spell check, search-&-replace, and page formatting features. The application also features HotKeys - which lets users create key combinations for commonly used functions.

StickyBrain also offers password protection and retrieval features, as well as alarms. It features a customizable interface.

A 30-day trial version of the application will be available direct from Chronos following Macworld Expo. The online price will be $34.99.